Doctor and Patient

The Patient Experience

Every step of the way, we are committed to guiding you through your treatment journey and to ensure a positive experience throughout. 

  1. Typically, your journey commences by meeting Miss Berridge for an initial consultation (either face to face or virtually) at the prestigious Harley Street Specialist Hospital. This appointment involves listening to your concerns and expectations as well as discussing the most appropriate treatment options tailored to your personal needs. It will also be decided upon if further investigations such as a CT scan, biopsy or bloods are needed (video consultations are also available).

  2. Once a diagnosis has been established and definitive treatment plan established, this will either involve medical management (potentially over a number of visits) or surgery (which will either be performed under local or general anaesthetic). All treatments are carried out at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital.

  3. Following the completion of treatment, Miss Berridge will arrange follow-up review(s) until it is decided that you have responded well to medical treatment or fully recovered from your surgical procedure. 


Miss Berridge openly encourages her patients to contact her team with questions at any stage during the treatment journey.

A Warm Welcome from Miss Berridge