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What happens at my first consultation?

At your first consultation, Miss Berridge will discuss your concerns followed by a clinical assessment and then inform you of the most appropriate treatment options available. If further diagnostic tests are necessary, such as X-rays/Scans, they will be requested at this stage of the patient journey. An accurate, up to date cost of treatment will be provided following this initial consultation.

What are your fees & payment?

Miss Berridge welcomes all patients whether self-funding or those who have private health insurance. Miss Berridge is recognised with the following major insurance companies;

  • Aviva

  • Aetna

Patients will need to obtain authorisation from the insurance company before embarking upon treatment. Please ensure that you bring details of your insurance company, your policy number and a claim form to your initial consultation to ensure the smooth running of the authorisation and billing process.

For those patients choosing to pay for their own treatment, Miss Berridge's consultation fees are;

  • Initial consultation fee £250

  • Follow up consultation fee £200

Should you require ongoing treatment, Miss Berridge and her team will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of costs. 

​How soon after the initial consultation can I start treatment?

Miss Berridge advocates that following the initial consultation, patients spend the necessary time to process the information and proposed treatment pathway therefore allowing for fully informed and reasoned decisions concerning commencement of treatment. Once you choose to proceed, we will offer broad flexibility in terms of scheduling a time and date to fit with your busy schedule.

Where will I be treated?

Miss Berridge consults and performs all Oral & Maxillofacial surgical procedures at the Harley Street Hospital. Miss Berridge also works at one of the UK's leading aesthetic clinic's, Dr Medispa where she performs facial aesthetics treatments.

​Who will provide follow-up after I have received treatment?

​Miss Berridge will arrange a follow-up consultation, usually around a week following your procedure or treatment. At this visit, Miss Berridge will review your progress and discuss/ advance any additional steps to be taken on the agreed treatment pathway.